L'enore Arhien

Roguish Charm with a Hard Edge

age: 24
gender: cisgender female (she/her)
race: mixed race (seeker miqo'te/xaela au ra)
orientation: demisexual biromantic
marital status: single, never married
birthday: 23rd sun of the 5th umbral moon (october 23rd)

hair: black
eyes: gold-hazel with very faint yellow limbal rings
height: 5'2"
build: good muscle tone. small chest and hips
features: scars across bridge of nose and along chin; defined fangs; aforementioned limbal rings; black scales at base of tail and on lower back

languages: speaks a little bit of all commonly spoken languages, but only properly fluent in common, auri and doman.

Don't waste your worry on me • I always find what I need Come and go as I please • I've got my skeleton key

L'enore is a creature of mystery, despite her playful, sassy demeanor and her quick wit. Those looking to learn anything about her are likely to be thwarted at every turn, as she seems to enjoy hiding behind a 'mask' of sociable obfuscation. Determined through and through, she's a capable killer, thief and all-around ne'er-do-well who thrives off of spite, adrenaline, alcohol, and Doman hotpot.


Skeleton Key (Youngblood Brass Band Remix) - Dessa
Nine Lives - Stella and the Storm
Mother's Daughter - Miley Cyrus
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
100 Little Deaths - Juliet Simms
Black Wave - K.Flay


• Those with their fingers in more criminally-inclined pies, especially in Ul'dah, may have heard of the Skeleton Key- a thief, assassin, spy and all-rounder who's made a name for herself; her tenacity and abilities always seem to get her just where she needs to go.
Those who have a need for her skills would be able to find her through like-minded contacts- it's said she'll take any job, as long as it suits her interests. Alternatively, other criminals might seek her out for team-up opportunities, or to hire her onto their crew, though the latter is a tougher sell.

• Considering her keenness for networking, she's always looking to make new contacts- potential fences, forgers, appraisers, safe houses, outfitters, ect. The list is nigh endless and seemingly always looking for replacements.

• Members of Limsa's rogue's guild might recognize her as a familiar face. She spent some time among their ranks learning their trade, then struck out on her own a few years ago. She always pays her dues, however, and has remained on good terms with the guild as a whole.

• L'enore's mixed heritage is something she makes no effort to hide, though the tells are subtle. Still, anybody with a keen eye might be able to pick up on her limbal rings, large fangs, or overly fluffy tail, and she often gets a kick out of leaning into an Auri conversation when people think she can't hear them.

• She's got something weird and fucked up with her aether, but doesn't everybody these days?


Hi there! I'm Alice! Thanks for checking out L'enore's card!
If you'd like to get in touch with me out of game, feel free to hit me up on Discord! (Alice#7156)
I generally prefer RPing scenes in-game whenever possible, but if our schedules don't match up, let me know and we can figure something out!
I'm also just a huge dork who likes to make friends, so feel free to throw memes at me. Or however it is people make friends these days?

Please discuss with me OOCly before doing something drastic or violent to my character. Communication is essential to good RP, and I won't hesitate to ignore or block those who disregard my autonomy. Just because I'm playing a criminal character does not give you free reign to use L'enore as a punching bag to show how 'heroic' you are. Keep that in mind!

I don't ERP with people I am not already a) close personal friends with and b) super comfortable to hang out with. L'enore is already not keen on one-night stands or quickies anyway, so please do not send me explicit or soliciting tells. You'll get (cock)blocked.